Pincher Creek Grant Specialist

Growing our community, together.

Working with Community Organizations

Grant Writing

The Pincher Creek Community Grant Specialist will work with your organization to help you write and apply for grants.

Finding Grants

Do you have a project that needs funding?  The Grant Specialist may be able to find funding to assist your project.

Connecting Projects

Our community has lots of great ideas and sometimes other people in Pincher Creek are working on a similar project.  The grant Specialist helps connect projects with similar goals and outcomes.

We Believe

We believe that we can improve the quality of life in Pincher Creek together by embracing new opportunities together, building a robust network of organizations and businesses,  collaborating and leveraging funding dollars, and securing new sources of funding.

We embrace new opportunities together

We are focused on community development

Open to all non profits and small businesses in the Town and MD of Pincher Creek

We help you apply for funding

The key impact will be improvement in community
resilience and prosperity.

The Grant Specialist’s primary responsibility is to help local Community Service Organizations locate and leverage public, private and philanthropic sources of funding and other support for their operations, programs and projects. The Grant Writer is governed through a partnership with the Southwest Alberta Sustainable Community Initiative (SASCI). The position is managed by a Steering Committee of volunteers selected for their depth and breadth of interest and experience in supporting community development.

Our Measures

To be accountable


Funding Applied For


Number of Organizations we are working with


Number of Organizations who have enquired


Number of organizations on the mailing list

3 Steps to Working with the Grant Specialist

For success in your project

Identify a project

Is there a need in your organization?  What is it and how can it be solved?

Create a budget

How much is this project going to cost?  How much do you have already? How much are you going to need?

Connect with the Grant Writer

Connect with the Grant Specialist to talk about your project and start the funding ball rolling!

Do I have to pay for this service?


The first year of the Grant Specialist position has been funded through community partners. We ask that organizations who receive funding will contribute a small service fee.  This will help us to create a sustainable long term grant writer position in Pincher Creek.  The fee for this service must come from your operating budget.

Please contact the grant specialist with your request for more information.




Do I pay a fee if we don't receive a grant?




Can small businesses use this service?


Yes, the fee structure is different for small businesses than it is for Community Organizations.  Please contact us for more information on this service.

Who decides which grant is written first?


Grant submissions are based on the grant deadlines.  If there are competing deadlines the grant writer will do the best they can to handle multiple grants at the same time.  If there is a conflict the Steering Committee will be asked to step in.


Contact the Grant Specialist